Meet the Team


The brains behind our organisation; from the senior management, consultants, administrative and field officers have unrivaled levels of experience and know how in the Geospatial & Info-Tech management. They deploys their expertise to support and encourage development in all areas of the business, providing a stable platform from which the company can build and grow.


Oluseye Abraham

M.Sc GIS, B.Sc Management

Abraham is an Information Management Specialist with extensive background across many sectors and projects across Niger, Chad, DRC, Cameroon and most currently in the Northern Nigeria states. He is the co-founder of Viewshed Resources Limited. He has a Master of Science in Geographical Information Systems from Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom. Abraham is a seasoned facilitator and capacity developer with passions for transfusing knowledge that impacts the under-served and hard-to-reach communities.


Kazeem Owolabi

M.Sc GIS, B.Sc Edu, (PMP®)

Kazeem is a business Intelligence/Geospatial Solutions specialist and a co-founder at Viewshed Resources Limited. He holds a Master of Science in Geographical Information Systems from the Premiere Nigeria University of Ibadan. He is a certified project manager and have successfully coordinated projects and programs in Health interventions, Utility Mapping. He is also an OpenStreetMap (OSM) enthusiast who had contributed in many capacities to the advancement of OSM


Yannick Doungmo

M.Eng, (CSPO®)

Yannick is the Regional Project manager for francophone countries and Cameroon Liaison Officer. He ensures the smooth operation of the company's engagements and programs in all francophone countries. His professional experience spans over 4 years in several African countries (Cameroon, Nigeria, Chad, Niger). He has his background in Land Survey Engineering with specialization in GIS from the University of California (Davis), His passion is, trying to stay abreast of new techniques and their geospatial application.


Adanna Alex

B.Sc Geology, M.Sc GIS

Adanna is a Senior Manager at VRL. She is a geologist with bias for Geospatial Analytics and holds a Master’s degree in Geographical Information systems from the United Kingdom. She has also acquired years of progressive experience in data collection, integration and database management for many organizations. Adanna beliefs that excellent communication with the underserved communities is just as important for success, as extensive technical knowledge.


Olugbenga Akinpelu

B.Sc (ICAN ®)

Gbenga, is the Senior Administrative Coordinator and he holds a B.Sc in Accounting. He is also a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). Gbenga, performs a wide range of administrative, technical and logistics services to support our activities. His experience spans over many years of working in various capacities with organizations across Nigeria. Gbenga believe that adequate preparation and adaptabilty defines project's success or failure


Aisha Giwa

MPH, PhD (Geog)

Aisha is a Senior Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Coordinator with over 6 years’ combined experience leading research projects, designing M & E frameworks for multi-sector projects and coordinating business development activities as well as ensure the provision of user-friendly relevant and timely M&E information to key stakeholders. She holds a Master of Public Health and a doctorate degree in International Development from Sheffield University, United Kingdom.









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