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About Us

Who we are?

Viewshed Resources is a registered Limited Liability company that specializes in the delivery of Geospatial, Environmental and Info-tech solutions. We utilize location intelligent tools in providing top-notch geospatial solutions that create leadership advantage for our clients in the ever-growing global competitive environment. Our local knowledge but global perspective allows us to deliver beyond data collection. We use cutting edge technology to automate insight generation from the data available to our clients so they are able to make more accurate decisions.


To become a global leading geospatial and analytic solutions provider


Providing simplified and localized solutions by leveraging on information and geospatial technology.

Our Team

Our team of professionals have years of expertise in the fields of survey, engineering, Management Information Systems (MIS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and have worked in the telecommunication, health, agricultural and environmental sectors. Our track record has built us a strong reputation at delivering innovative, responsive and effective deployment of geospatial technologies, data-centric driven products, data acquisition, conversion and analysis, software and hardware procurement, and capacity development.


We are passionate with what we do.

Your requirements can be customized……..just for you !

Latest News

2019 GIS Day

GIS Day is an annual world event celebrating the technology of geographic information systems (GIS). It is coming up on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Geospatial Viewshed Analysis

A viewshed is an area that is visible from a specific location. Viewshed analyses determine visibility to or from particular point(s).